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Established in 2021 in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia, Mantaro Tattoo Studio is the brainchild of owner Bacca. His vision was to create a space that shatters the mould of old-school tattoo culture, a place where art reigns supreme. Bacca’s dream materialised in a studio that boasts modern, clean aesthetics, a striking departure from traditional tattoo parlours.

Our studio offers a diverse range of styles, from fine line tattoos to large scale black and grey, micro realism, geometric, pop culture, portraits, wildlife to fine art. What sets us apart is our signature meticulous artistry of detailed needle work, emphasising form, contour, and structure through precise craftsmanship.

With a team of diverse artists drawn from various backgrounds, each adding their unique flavour to their craft, we ensure that every tattoo created at Mantaro Tattoo Studio is a distinctive masterpiece.

Majority of our artists are by appointment only. A limited number of artists offer walk-ins and same day appointments. Check our artist pages for details.


Please follow the below instructions carefully to ensure the best outcome for your new tattoo.

Keep your tattoo as clean as possible. Please only wash your tattoo with soapy water.

Let your tattoo air dry for the first two days.

On the third day (or once your tattoo starts to feel dry and is beginning to scab) apply a thin layer of a natural ointment twice a day.

Do not pick or peel any scabbing – if your tattoo is itchy and annoying you, give it a little slap.

No swimming for 2 weeks, including pools and the ocean. Avoid sun exposure to the area for 2 weeks.

We have a great all natural after care balm created especially for our studio and is available in store or online for purchase – HAPPY HEALING!


We’re located at 14 Griffith St, Coolangatta, QLD. We are 5 mins from Coolangatta Airport, 300 meters from the iconic Coolangatta beach.

There is three hour free parking at the back of the studio off Lanham Street, Coolangatta and a 1 hour parking in front of the studio. When you arrive, please check in at the front counter, you’ll be asked to complete a consent form before seeing your artist.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message your artist or contact the studio.

The cost of each piece very much depends on the size, location and level of detail in your design.

To book or make an enquiry you can use our booking form or if you have a preferred artist you can contact them directly via their instagram page.

At Mantaro we pride ourselves on high quality, custom designed, one off tattoos. This means that we do not replicate or copy other tattoo artists’ work.

During the booking process with your artist you will be asked for reference pics, the size and placement of the tattoo and if there are any particular elements you want included in the piece.

Your artist will have a rough concept drawn up and ready for you on the morning of your tattoo. Your artist will then consult with you to ensure you are happy with your design and the placement before the stencil is drawn up. This gives you the ability to discuss adjustments or additions to the design directly with the artist.

You will not be provided with a completed design prior to your appointment.

We ask that you please trust your artist. Their extensive experience and commitment to producing the absolute best piece for you means that they may have some recommendations or amendments they wish to make to your design that you may not have thought of.

Although there are no hard and fast rule we recommend that you:

  • Don’t drink alcohol 24 hours prior, and stay well hydrated
  • Don’t take any painkillers other than paracetamol (unless medically advised) at least 4 hours prior

We recommend moisturising frequently leading up to your appointment. This helps with overall healing and the skins ability to absorb the ink.

Please come in with clean skin — freshly showered is always best and also helps with hydrating the skin.

Shaving the area to be tattooed is mandatory before the ink application because we need to ensure there is no visible or invisible hairs between the needle and the top layer of the skin. The best time to shave is on the day of your appointment if you wish to do it yourself. That means the space will be perfectly smooth and the hair won’t have had the chance to grow back.

Please bring your photo ID in with you – you must be over 18 or we can’t tattoo you, your deposit will be lost, and everyone will be sad.

Dress comfortably and wear clothing that doesn’t cover or pull the skin around the area that’s getting tattooed.

Make sure to eat before you come in, and you can bring snacks.

Numbing cream is discouraged because it can change the texture of the skin, make it harder to tattoo and impact the overall healing process. If you have a specific need for it, please get in touch with your artist to discuss.

You are welcome to bring a guest to the appointment, but please note space is limited and your guest may need to wait in the reception area for majority of your appointment if it is a long one.

Yes we do take walk-ins. We have a limited number of artists available for walk-ins and same day tattoo appointments. This is highly dependant on their availability of the day. To avoid disappointment we recommend you book in advance.

If you’re feeling spontaneous or the time is just right and you want to get tattooed as a walk-in, please call (if you can), please walk in and we’ll do our best to take care of you.

Not sure if a walk-in is right for you, then check out our Mantaro Tattoo Studio Flash Days.

Your deposit is required to be paid by bank transfer direct to your artist. The remaining amount will be due in cash on the day of your appointment. We do not accept payments via eftpos for tattoos. We do have eftpos facilities available for the purchase of gift vouchers, after care and merch.

Studio Policies


A non refundable deposit is held to confirm your appointment.

All deposits are Non Refundable.

Rescheduling is possible if the appropriate notice is given directly to your chosen artist. Our artists manage their own bookings.They each have varying booking policies. Please ensure you are aware of your chosen artists bookings policy.


Our artists manage their own bookings. They each have varying cancellation policies. Please ensure you are aware of your chosen artists cancellation policy.

You must cancel your booking directly with your artist. Please note if you do not allow sufficient amount of notice for cancellation (according to your artists specific cancellation policy) you will forfeit your deposit.

Mantaro Tattoo Studio is not liable for any cancellations.

No Egos, Just Quality Art

We’re a family studio and welcome people from all walks of life.

Whether it’s your first or one many tattoos we want your experience at Mantaro Tattoo Studios to be one that is memorable.

We’re a friendly studio, no egos, just high quality art.

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